Course Overview

Topics Covered offers a unique approach to teaching the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation. We offer a full day hands on course that teaches everything you need to know about cultivating your own cannabis.

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During your full day course we will cover the following:

  • Equipment overview for a successful grow
  • Grow Tent setup and lighting
  • Temperature and Humidity in a grow
  • Starting from seeds
  • Feminized vs. Non-feminized
  • Cloning
  • Grow mediums
  • Nutrients
  • Vegetative state during your grow
  • Topping your plant
  • Plant maintenance and diagnosing issues
  • Defoliation
  • Setting up a SCROG
  • Flowering state
  • Harvesting
  • Drying and Curing
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We believe the best way to learn is by experiencing first hand. Our instructors provide hands on training and will give you the opportunity to handle live plants during the course. Upon course completion, we will provide you with a step by step course outline which will cover everything you learned during the course.

We understand that while we are in Colorado, the laws for cannabis cultivation are different from state to state. We will give a brief overview of the Colorado state laws when it comes to cannabis cultivation and what you need to know to remain compliant.

Course Location

The class is held at the Hemp Temps training facility. This location offers a comfortable learning atmosphere where you will enjoy spending the day learning about growing Cannabis.

10730 E Bethany Dr #200
Aurora, CO 80014